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Exterior Gooseneck Wall Lights

The curved gooseneck is an object of elegance in itself, and places your choice of shade in the position and orientation you need to create exactly the effect you want to complement your outdoor area.

Click here to see our range of warehouse, shallow bowl, & vintage styled shades on gooseneck mounting that will complement classic, old-school décor with impressive art & craftsmanship.

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Wall Lights & Sconces

For your interior corridor or exterior porch or patio, light up the wall and highlight artwork with a splash of light from one of our beautiful sconces, with a shade to enhance the beauty of your house and decor.

See which shade fits your purpose. And your wall.

The Austin Wall Sconce
Design credit @cottonwoodandco

Wesco pendant

Cord & Chain hung Pendants

Pendants allow you to place the light in the centre of the room, creating either a low, focussed spot as you will get from the Wesco (pictured here), or a broad, 360-degree glow as you will get from a Schoolhouse light.

Take a look at our range of shades to suit your style, as well as the option of a chain hang for extra industrial aesthetics.

The Wesco Pendant
Design credit @saraparsons

Original pendant stem

Industrial Stem Pendants

Sturdy stem pendants with their robust vintage charm lend an industrial, practical feel to the décor of your workshop or café while enabling you to shape the spot to suit your visibility and ambiance.

Particularly good where you need the light to remain steady even in areas of high airflow.

The Original Stem Pendant
Design credit @Cafe1eight

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Schoolhouse lighting

For that soft, all-over glow with old-school deco, take a look at our range of opaque and clear Schoolhouse lights.

Available in pendant, cord and gooseneck mounts for function and style.

Schoolhouse Lighting
Photo: BarnlightElectric, USA
of French Broad Chocolate, North Carolina