There is a Barn Light shade for every purpose.

Our outdoor goosenecks are made and bent ourselves, so we can shape it to your purpose, to position the light perfectly. The Barn Light Original shade is the perfect accompaniment to light your outdoors area yet shield the eyes, but if you want a bit more historic charm, take a look at the very popular Old Dixie.

Very popular for an indoor pendant is The Universal, which provides superb retro flair while providing a broad light into living areas. For a more focussed light, the Wesco can give you a good tight circle of light, ideal for lighting up one feature or table, with some reflected ambient light.

Barn Light’s small-dish Austin, Static Industrial and Old Dixie are all popular choices for close-to-the-wall sconce mountings as the beauty of the shade is in a more visible position.


Industrial & Classic Design.
Our most popular shade style


Modern & Detailed Design.
A design consisting of waterfall aesthetics


Shallow Bowl / Flared Design.
Fluted Beaded Neck with a Straight Flare


Modern meets Classic
Stepped Modern Neck with a Classic finish


Smooth Modern
Beaded Neck with Rounded Shade Rim


Industrial & Classic Design.
The Directional “Deep Bowl” Factory Light


Classic & Petite
A teeny-weeny shade with classic styling

The Atomic Era of Lighting

These lighting styles utilise our Cast Guard Units – Use our Atomic Industrial inside your Warehouse Shade or keep them as stand alone lighting fixtures.

Atomic Industrial

Industrial Style – Heavy Duty Design
Designed to be life-proof

Atomic Flared

Modern meets Classical Design
Straight Flare creates Light Spread

Atomic Warehouse

Atomic Warehouse Styling
Industrial meets Warehouse

Dual Atomic

Nautical Inspiration
Only the best by the water

Sydney Industrial

Eclectic Mix of Modern & Classic
Stepped Modern Neck with a Classic finish

Angled Sign Lights

These lighting styles provide you with a rustic, yet functional method to highlight that area of importance. Whether that be that framed work of art, the menu board, or the old company logo.
Your new sign light will provide the best directional lighting solution, with a needed touch of decor that you can’t find anywhere else.

The Frontier

Industrial & Commercial Design
Our most popular Sign-Light

Dual Arm Sign Light

Industrial & Commercial Design
Our most popular Sign-Light

The Elliptical

A Modern “Mash Up”
The Frontier with even more horizontal light spread

The Emblem

Modern Americana
The little turret with a large band.